How to become a member of coalition

Any NGO which supports and shares the goals and objectives of the GCICC, expresses readiness to cooperate with other members of the Coalition in order to achieve the common goals, has clear interest and minimum two-year experience in international law and human rights protection, can become the member of the Coalition.

GCICC is open for new members. The NGO which wishes to become the member of the GCICC must present the filled-out form in written and two recommendations from the NGO working in the field of international law or/and in human rights protection. The Chair and Deputy Chair sends the documentation received from the NGO regarding the request to become a member to the General Assembly before the next meeting. In order to decide the issue, the General Assembly has a right to request additional documentation from the organization wishing to become a member and appoint an interview. The General Assembly examines the application regarding becoming a member and makes decision regarding accepting or rejecting a new member, in 90 calendar days since the submission of the documentation.