Trust Fund for Victims

The Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) is separate from the Court and was created in 2004 by the Assembly of States Parties to support victims (and their families) of crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court. The TFV can achieve it through a two-fold man- date: (i) to implement Court-ordered reparations, the so-called reparation mandate; and (ii) to provide physical, psychological and material support to victims and their families – assistance mandate. 

Assistance mandate of the TFV is not related to specific judicial proceedings before the Court and can be implemented at any stage of investigation, even in the absence of a decision on conviction. The assistance mandate includes the following programs: physical rehabilitation, psychological rehabilitation and material support such as offering access to income generation and training opportunities to focus on longer-term economic empowerment. 

To achieve the TFV’s mandates, projects are funded through fines and forfeitures of convicted persons and through voluntary donations by member states and individual donors. To implement services and programs, the TFV collaborates with national and international partners.